The Challenge
There is an iOS app to train salespeople at Apple reseller locations worldwide. Currently, our app sends news and training resources to salespeople. They can also earn experience points, achievements, and badges (similar to many games on the App Store).
Salespeople are very competitive, and we want to increase usage of our app by introducing leaderboards. We will use leaderboards as a gaming technique to drive in-app user behavior through competition and celebrating accomplishments with status recognition.

We need to apply best practices in gaming to drive the following user behavior:

• Usage of the app by consuming elective content or training program related content
• Successful completion of training programs, curriculum, or time-based challenges
• Successful completions of quizzes, question-based challenges, and assessments
When we apply game mechanics such as using Experience Points, Leveling-Up, and Virtual
Badging within the app, we can use these in-app rewards or recognition to rank them against a
specified leaderboard. These leaderboards need to be relevant to users and in some cases
reset standings to ensure that ranking on the leaderboards is achievable.

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