Everywhere Energy is an emerging engineering firm based out of Austin, TX, that is currently developing technologies that harness energy from the world in new and ingenious ways. 
As the Company’s creative director, I collaborated with their marketing director and team of engineers to develop the scope and message of their pitch. In production, I oversaw every aspect of the production of the video. From development of the pitch, to both planning, shooting and directing the team. At this time the company is still in development on the prototype for their flagship product. 
The footage was tailored to present the team in a clean and professional environment. A dolly helped to create a smooth and controlled sense of movement and progress. 
Each member of the company provided phrases for the pitch, that when played together, create a narrative that communicates both the message and the cohesive nature of the company. 
The cool soft blue tones were utilized to help to convey the professionalism and trustworthiness of the company. 

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